About Us


We are NOT a global fashion lifestyle brand. We just stand for everything creative. Life is not a monotonous, long stretch of existence that has to be lived according to the social structures set by mere mortals. It's time we break out of the typical "Monday-Friday" way of operation. Life is not a problem to be solved but a mystery that reveals itself in time. Let our each day be full of genuine exuberance and joy.


We at Bramer Ianek understand that creativity can manifest in diverse ways. Fashion and Accessories being a very vibrant industry for creative expression. The items are something which are very intimate. What one wears or uses becomes a part of them. The heads at a party that turn when you enter being your best self, the love you feel in your partner’s oversized hoodie or the warmth of your old man’s shirt when you hug him after a long time – all become memories. It doesn't stop there. All those actually become a piece of history that reminds us where we come from. That is what we do at Bramer Ianek. Create memories. Let's create together. We invite all budding and professional artists to collaborate for Fashion and Music.

So go on. Celebrate Life :